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We offer a wide range of services to customers both domestic and internationally, our services comprise of ocean freight, air freight, land transportation, warehousing and many others.

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All of our undertakings and regular activities are coordinated towards do our ability in the best way to ensure customer dedication.

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Our charges are the most sensible in the business, you won’t find better elsewhere. Get an assertion today! You can pick the best portion decision for the most part accommodating for you.

Compliance Solutions

In the current economy overall conveyance is driving advancement for associations hoping to start new business areas and attracting new clients.

Management & Reporting

Schumacher Cargo Logistics factors has acquired reputation for significance for meeting your systems needs for conveyance freight and cargo. We offer you a changed imaginative vital plan that best suit your advantage/need.

People Says

We keep all clients lively close to the completion of each and every trade that is the inspiration driving why we have more than 5400 people trusting in our organizations all over the planet. The following are a part of the point they make about us.

I'm truly dazzled by the incredible skill that the Schumacher Cargo Logistics. Presently we stay with our new studio at Metro city expresses gratitude toward Schumacher Cargo Logistics.

Web Designer

Your agents have extremely supportive disposition and their meticulousness assist us with moving our work flawlessly immediately… great job folks.

Sales Manager

Your staff is incredibly, well disposed and accommodating. I will prescribe your support of every one of my companions back in the Greenland. Keep doing awesome.



Certification & Awards

With over 30 years of involvement with the planned operations industry, we are getting better step by step as we move towards complete flawlessness!

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    Company Profile

    With over 30 years of contribution with the courier business, Schumacher Cargo Logistics is prepared for moving every one of your shipments quickly and capably. We offer merciless rates and organization first class. We go through current to date developments including: Dispatch All out programming for electronic following of solicitations, movements and invoicing GPS following of our fleet of trucks for reliable, precise arranging of vehicles.

    Mission & Vision

    At the moment that you join solid areas for an ethic, top progressive capacities and various significant length of practical experience Schumacher Cargo Logistics is what you get. We are centered around our client’s done satisfaction, We revolve around spreading out a business relationship that persists reliably. Around here At Schumacher Cargo Logistics, know how critical your time is. We have made our expense list immediate and clear. Exactly when you put in your solicitation with us you will find Amicability of Mind understanding your movements are in the best hands. You want to carve out opportunity and money? We accept that you ought to do in like manner. Endeavor us today!

    Our Value

    We have fulfilled our clients’ transportation needs for more than 25 years. Schumacher Cargo Logistics is a family guaranteed and worked association focused on incredible assistance. We take on a singular technique that solidifies our “hands on” the board style, while staying aware of the efficiency and noteworthy expertise of huge business. Moving your freight – whether across town or across the world.


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    We are recruiting! in the event that you have a capabilities in deals the executives, reach us, we will jump at the chance to meet with you for additional conversations and conceivable business.

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    Do you have any experience on ware house maintenance, we can have a talk with you for possible employment.

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    We offer employment for individuals with special qualification customer controller account